Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Manga Guide to Biochemistry Review

Here drink this, it has tiny cat robots in it. At that point you know you not reading any other guide , but a manga guide. The Manga Guide to Biochemistry is another fun take on explaining a subject from No Starch Press. Nemoto wants to help explain Biochemistry to his friend Kumi. His pretty professor Dr. Kurosaka wishes to help him out and hopefully have him hook up with Kumi. Kumi might not have much on her mind and not see the obvious love Nemoto has for her, but the professor does.

All the while they'll be learning about biochemistry, starting at the smallest end with cells. Oh, endoplasmic reticulum, how could I ever forget you? The book is once again like earlier Manga Guide a great way to get in the subject it's spotting. You will also learn something while reading.

It was kind of a refresher course for me on biology classes from high school and college. You'll learn or remember learning how cells store energy, divide and all the ins and outs of the field. It's a great way to learn about how your body processes food and not be bored by a textbook.

RoboCat won me over for just being an adorable cat robot that is gulped down by Kumi and studies her from the inside. It's so odd, yet a great tool to explain what's happening inside of us all.

Like my previous review of The Manga Guide To The Universe the art is like a real manga and very neat. Some times I wish more story was allowed than just charts with simple drawing over it, but if you want to make sure an idea sticks I guess it's best to keep it simple for the reader.

Once again if your going to be going over biology after winter break you should pick this up and have everything already down.