Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For the Holidays: Saint Nick and Rare Exports

Saint Nick $19

So they changed the name, it used to be called Sint or Saint. Saint Nicholas and his pirate crew are back for vengeance. There undead and want the town's children. This scary movie from Belgium is like being transported back to the 80's. Director Dick Maas captures you with a freighting take on Belgium's strange Christmas traditions. The way people act and talk seems like they just stepped out of a John Hughes movie and into this one.

 My favorite scene might be Santa riding a white horse on top of buildings as police try and shoot him down. It might be the scenes where Saint Nicholas' canes people to do death, but not by the way you think. It's ending will make relatively no sense what so ever.

Damn, holiday overload, just pick it up for the holidays, with the subtitles, the dubbed voices make me wanna hurl with holiday delight.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale $23

My new christmas classic. Move over Rudoph, make room for Finnish Director Jalmari Helander's story about a young boy trying to deal with a strange old man who might be Santa.