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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kickstarter LA: Nutcracker and Zombies

Hey readers,

This is a new section on Kickstarter projects happening in LA. I wanted to showcase some projects that might peek your interest or you might be able to get involved in beyond donations.

The Nutcracker Unbound

I'm sad to report that this new take on the Nutcracker is already sold out, but check out how it got funded, maybe they'll have more performances.

I honestly think this looks stupid, but it already got it's funding. The generic characters and foul language should be tossed out for the violence and main charcter Jack's antics.

Some nice back story on the person who put up the the project
"Scout started Sonic Bunny Productions in 2009. In their first year, they produced an animated pilot and developed Zombie Murder Explosion Die.
She has worked on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum, and Frankenhole. She's also worked for Disney, TNT, and ABC. She's an optioned screenwriter and occasionally gets the opportunity to act on TV, film, and stage. "