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Monday, December 5, 2011

Honda Advanced Design Studio@ Old Town Pasadena

Honda Advanced Design Studio
39 N Raymond Ave (Union Ave), Pasadena, CA 91103

I had nearly forgotten the strange facility I saw in passing to the Old Town Haunt in October. I paused and traced it's Portal-esqe style through it's open windows. The windows only revealed some sort of stange shell  you only see in sci-fi movies and video games. The Honda Advanced Design Studio is what I read, before I stepped into a night of fun scares.

Above is a basic outline of the facility.

What happens in it? New cars are designef for Honda. Arcrecord talks of robots milling models and a small team working in the place. I'd love to tour it, but it probably has to many corporate secrets. However, it's not that far from Art Center of College and Design which migh work with them on concepts. So the next time your in old town, don't wonder what's going on in there, because it's a secret and hardly anyone knows.