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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cinefamily's Fantastic Elastic 24 Hour Fundraiser Telethon

Cinefamily wants your money and you as members and there going about it in the coolest way possible, for free as a 24 hour telethon of entertainment.
Starts Dec 17 at noon to Dec 18 at noon. Just come in and seat down and maybe give a little to have the Cinefamily provide awesome content throughout the next year.

Making her return to LA is Thu Tran of Food Party and many more guests to entertain you.
Events so far:
- A Conversation with Elliott Gould
- Spike Jonze will do a Show & Tell session of clips from his career
-Benicio Del Toro will present Kanedo Shinto’s The Naked Island (to launch our Shindo retrospective)
- Doug Benson and surprise guests will do a specially-constructed multi-movie Movie Interruption.
- No Age & Friends (including Lance Bangs, Doug Aitken, and Patrick O’Dell) will play, and curate a show at 1AM.
- Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields will host a program at 3AM that we’re calling “FILMS YOU CANT GO TO SLEEP TO”, with original ditties on the uke to intro each short film.
- Jake Austen (Roctober Magazine) will present a special video show on Outsider Music, hosted by Neil Hamburger, and followed by live performances by Guy Chookoorian & Paul Zone (of The Fast)
- Jerry Beck will host “Saturday Morning Cartoons on Sunday Morning”
- Jonathan Gold (L.A. Weekly’s Pullitzer Prize-winning food critic) will give a lecture on “Food and Film”
- Thu Tran (Food Party) will show a new short film about her experiments in black-light food, and will set up a special black-lit restaurant on our backyard patio.
-Everything is Mini-Festival! – ninety-minute late night block of comedy and found footage insanity, including a sneak peak at the first complete footage from Everything is Terrible’s Doggie Woggiez, the Holy Mountain of doggie movies.
- And, when it’s all over at noon on Sunday the 18th, as a reward to all those who all make an annual membership level donation or higher — we’ll have a screening of Les Blank’s legendary unreleased documentary on Leon Russell, A Poem Is A Naked Person.