Friday, December 23, 2011

Twofor God's Country Must Be One Awful Movie

The publicist of John Atterberry, the former death row records executive killed by some crazy weirdo firing a gun near the Arclight Hollywood  movie theater a few weeks back, died suddenly for no reason on route to Atterberry's funeral.

(Also, with so many film students so close by, why no better footage or insta doc online, maybe because LA Film School sucks)

The LAist article that tells us this story brings up some sort of movie called God's Country that the publicist Dugan was handling. Atterberry co-wrote and produced it. Was it so awful that the to had to die? I don't know I haven't seen a trailer, but with two men dead most likely. There deaths are quite strange at this point. Will there be a God's Country curse? Where everyone involved will die. If you see the film are you cursed?

Also, why has no comedian made a joke connecting Atterberry to a company called Death row records more like death road records or something else, just saying.

It just makes me think of the inventor of Bling water and why it couldn't have been him. If you're near someone who is drinking Bling water and a hostage situation goes down, use them as a meat shield. There drinking Bling water, they were a terrible person.

Same Sex First Kiss Costly

In another LAist article about some lesbians kissing... yeah here you go, don't go to google images.
Anyway, the symbolism of there being more acceptance seems fake and lessened by the fact the female navy officer had to pay for tickets in a raffle to be the one doing this. Yeah, so you had to pay for tickets to be the first one to do it? Why not just kiss a girl in front of people? Each ticket was a dollar, so not that bad as a price. It's great that there a cute lesbian couple, but like what kind of stupid raffles do they have in the navy.  LAist and even I have no real reason of putting this up other than the hot lesbians, it happened in Virgina. Just because the girls are from California, LAist? You just like hot lesbians.

Other points I'd like to bring up

-If it were two dudes there would be outrage.

-Did the raffle allow for the couple to be two dudes?

-The raffle was rigged so ugly people couldn't win

-What were the other prizes for the raffle?

-This prize seems kind of not worth it, because the Naval Officer could have just done it.

-Couldn't her girlfriend dress up like a nurse?

-Did the girlfriend fly all the way to Virgina for the kiss?

-It really doesn't match the picture

-From the pic the Naval officer is the top and the civilian is the bottom or she  just really isn't that good at kissing.

-They seem quite in the love between snails, just look at how they talk in the video, yeah that's love, love of the most boring and slow kind ever.

-They're bad spoke-lesbians for the navy. They should be more in love or in bikinis. Join the Navy, now with hot lesbians.