Friday, December 30, 2011

Heaven's Lost Property Review

Heaven's Lost Property: Complete Series (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo) $50

Fan service! Fan service! Fan service! Funimation dolled out fan service this holiday season with enough jiggling, squeezing and naughty thoughts to launch a satellite of perversion powered by bloody noses into deep space on a quest to find alien panties.

That  wouldn't be a far fetched idea for Heaven's Lost Property. I just gotta step back for a second and say "Angeloid!'. What's a Angeloid, if your thinking and Angel combined with a robot you win. Yes, the jokingly made up idea you've only seen though  jokes in other animes and manga making fun of how bad girl dating sims can be is a real and fully functional (oh yeah) race.

One of them careens to earth and none other than a Japanese high school students comes to her rescue! Tomoki Sakurai who says all he wants is peace and quiet in his small town, saves the very enhanced (it has to be anime) Ikaros an angeloid. Now here's what different Tomoki is a real pervert, instead of your usual dead personality harem comedy, the main character is a dirty pervert. Ikaros on the other hand is an empty dim-witted doll. In reality she has some system locks keeping her from some social skills. It could be seen as cute her trying to attempt thing with such nativity.

Oh, did I forget that the robot angel  has magical powers and that Tomoki can wish for whatever he wants. Time to run around naked and look at girls panties, why not feel-em up too? So unlike, maybe every other anime where a cute girl comes out of nowhere and says I'm yours, you finally have a pervert taking control.  Don't expect any real hanky-panky, it's not hentai, but it's damn close.

Sohara Mitsuki, Tomoki's childhood friend might bust but in and the lower ranked angeloid Nymph, too. Sohara lives right next door to Tomoki and isn't to happy when a half naked girl with wings starts living with her crush. Nymph is another angeloid sent to retrieve Ikaros, but slowly starts to take liking to the small town and Tomoki. The both have different cute girl factors. Nymph is the pouty stubborn girl and Sohara is the high school sweet-hart. She has a mean karate-chop when Tomoki gets a bit to perverse, so he gets beaten like every day.

Tomoki has two other... well freak friends to deal with Mikako Satsukitane head of student council and a Yakuza's daughter. She has a penchant for causing more trouble and is more into Eishiro Sugata a white haired science chap who starts off every episode by going over exploration highlights. He's in charge of the New Discovery Club and wishes to learn more about the uknown world Nymph and Ikaros are from.

Now that you have the main cast let me go over the main plot, it's perversion. No matter what the other plot about learning more about Ikaros's past. Finding out what and who she is. Finding  what the undiscovered world is or the weird visions inside Tomoki's head are, the whole series is about a pervert on a quest of debauchery a panties.

In the first episode Tomoki really gets naked, freezes time and goes around feeling up chicks and checking their panties. This is one of many perversions in the series. Sort of like a Ranma homage happens latter on. Tomoki transforms into a girl just to check out the girl's locker room and get close. In one of my favorite episode he makes every girls panties in school fly off like birds into a sunset. The ending credits show the panties flying off around the world spreading joy.

There's of course the bath house, festival, pool trip and club day episodes each with it's own perverse view. Each episode is fill with risky entertainment. There's one battle filled episode where Tomoki will have panties explode when he sees them. This gets even more out of hand when the panty robot shows up. Yes, there's a panty robot. A robot made out of panty's because a pervert has a magical angel robot.

Towards the end of the series the show get a little intense and there's some dark times which feel out of place  in this harem/he is master comedy needs. As stated Ikaros is part robot and can do some insane stellar attacks, I'm talking gundam-esque power that gets shown. That element seems so unneeded.

Yet, for those action episodes you have silly episodes like an old women firing a gun at Tomoki to win a lot of yen during a festival that ends like a Japanese 70's crime drama with them all having tricked out vehicles. Or the episode where Tomoki's drowning as he creates a spin cycle in a pool to have bathing suits come off.

It looks like from the ending of the series Funimation got the rights for the second season, but nothing has been announced yet. I look forward to seeing more angel robots and panty adventures.

The DVD's  were provided by the publisher for review.