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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Game Hype: Italian Plumbers and Sonic Generation Art

A friend sent me a real world ad for two plumbers, they look familiar don't they? It's actually in Spanish, not Italian. I wonder if you called them, would they be in the Mario outfits, if so, my plumbers for life.

The Sonic Generation Art Show went down in philly with the Autumn Society, actually it's still up until the end of December. You can see more of it thanks to Sega Memories post on it What grabbed me was this piece below
by Chris Beaumont

Which is similar to Meat Bun's new shirt Needlemouse, which I don't know who did. Both are parodying Mickey Mouse with subtle difference, but both seem to have capture that 1930's style. I wouldn't mind a game in the style, that played like Sonic Generations.