Friday, December 23, 2011

Mr Brainwash Crappy New Art Show Opens the 25th

The show will officially open on December 25th and run through the 29th. 

Time to look at some crazy stuff like famous people and graffiti and other people's work mis-matched with consumerism. God damn, I hate Mr. Brainwash. A great hype man, who created profit on the most meaningless thing the only humans can enjoy "art".

The biggest load of crap from the show is that Mr.Brainwash is selling his art, but any other artist that puts up work in his gallery will have their work destroyed. Maybe Brainwash is going to shit on it or use it as fire kindling.

If his children died, I'd love it if the art community came together and did an art show about them dying. Just have different pieces on them. Sculptures of their father crying or using it to make money by going on Montel. Is Montel still on? Then ,Wendy then.

I'm sure it will be still cool to check out if your bored that day. If you see old man Brainwash, be sure to just stare at him, just stare at him. It won't affect him because he's a freak.

LA Art Show( yup he didn't give a fuck naming it)
960 North LA Brea Ave Los Angeles CA 90038
Dec 25-29 check times