Thursday, December 29, 2011

What A Douche

Paul Christoforo is a douche. Just read the following e-mails between him and a dissatisfied customer for the strange new controller add-on the N-Control. The uses of bro, wurd (spelled that way) and son, just priceless. A customer simply wanted to know when he was going to receive the items he paid for and Mr.Christoforo escalated it to an insane level of hilarity.

Eventually, over the course of a few days Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade got involved and Paul just keeps going with some of the biggest posturing and bullshit out there. Why he would go to such levels is to be questioned and laughed at. He and his firm have been taking off N-Control marketing and possibly future products for just his incredibly childish and stupid actions
Why not just stop saying things, it's not like he even had to write back to the customer. It just goes to show, be honest with your customers, that's all. Why is that so hard, just say it will be late and please explain why.