Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anime Los Angeles 2012

Anime Los Angeles is coming January 6th and stay with us that weekend ending on the 8th. Here's some of the panel that caught my eye, but there's always cosplay.

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Ninja Ninja Challenge!!

Friday – LP2 2:00 PM
Do you have what it takes to face the many challenges of the Shinobi? Are you willing to put yourself on the line for the glory of your Ninja Clan? Does free Ramen sound good to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions: then “Ninja Ninja Challenge!!” is right for you!! Come join Godly Team Cosplay for 2hrs of improv, games and fun as teams of Ninja battle it out towards victory!! For Honor!! For the Clan!! For Ramen!! …And yes, there WILL be Wasabi… [Kenneth Pingad]

Henshin! Saving Japan since 1971

Friday – LP2 7:00 PM
The panel discusses the history of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Ultraman series, three of the Japan’s most popular franchises in Japanese TV history. [Stan Oh, Ramses Rivera]

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True Poke Stories: The Rise and Downfall of Togepi (18 + panel)

Friday – LP2 10:00 PM
One would think that getting on the hit TV show Pokemon would be the greatest thing ever. Well with the good comes a dark, sinister shadow waiting to corrupt the innocent. Join Panda Cubed as we take a candid look at the life of Togepi. We show you everything from when he was young to when he hits rock bottom. [Joe Sakamoto, Alyssa Ollive]

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 “ASSIST ME!” Panel

Saturday – LP2 4:00 PM
Come and meet the cast and crew of “Assist Me!” for a look into what goes into making an episode, where Maximilian gets his inspiration, and some Anime LA exclusive first looks at footage from Season 2′s “Deadpool” episode! Don’t miss out on this great chance to meet some key members of the hit YouTube series “ASSIST ME!” [Mike Young, Maximilian Christiansen, Matthew Simmons, Andrew Schieffer]

Bad Asian Movie Night (18+)

Saturday – LP1 10:00 PM
Join Panda Cubed as we dive deep into our movie vaults to show you the worst that Asia has to offer. [Joe Sakamoto, Alyssa Ol

Anime Jeopardy

Sunday – LP1 11:00 AM
This. Is. Anime Jeopardy! Test your knowledge of anime, manga, and video games in this trivia game based on the popular television game show. Don’t forget to phrase your answer in the form of a question! [Megan Schreiber, Shannon Deonier, D.J. Halladay]
Moon Prism Pop-tarts

Sunday – LP5 11:00 AM
A history of Sailor Moon in North America. For many anime fans who were 90s children, they are no stranger to Sailor Moon. Los Angelinos tuned to UPN 13 at 7:30AM to watch the adventures of the Sailor Scouts. This panel covers the history of Sailor Moon’s domestication and adaptation to North America. This also includes controversial fan movements such as Save Our Sailors. Bring in your Bandai adventure dolls as we figure out the origins of the moon cycle. [Jared Griego, Victoria Erica]

RE: Video Game Musicals

Sunday – LP4 3:00 PM
Random Encounters is a geeky YouTube team that writes and performs musical numbers based off video games. Come see your favorite games as show tunes that Sega deemed “Fantastic,” Namco called “Awesome,” and Electronic Arts claimed “blew them away.” [Andrew Pinkerton, Peter Srinivasan, Casey Dwyer, Lora Rivera]