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Monday, December 19, 2011

Supercrooks #1

Supercrooks from Mark Millar has been dated for March release. I'm excited, because Mark and director Nacho Vigalondo of Timecrimes were looking to turn it into a movie and were going around Hollywood last November for a studio to make it.

Here's the synopsis

When The Market Is Flooded With Competition And The Authorities Are Always On Your Tail, What's An All-American Supervillain To Do? Go To Spain, Of Course! From The Writer Who Brought You Kick-Ass And The Artist Of Secret Invasion Comes A New Series About A Team Of Superpowered Ne'er-Do-Wells Looking To Pull Off One Last Heist In The Land Of Bullfighting And Delicious Churros.
32 Pgs./Mature ...$2.99