Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creatures The Card Game Review

I'm going to play my Mos-mon-ary! It's composed of the head of Mosquito, the body of gila monster and the butt of a dromedary. Not sure what I'm writing about? It's Creatures The Card Game and I was just given a copy to review. I first found out about it while researching my Kickstarter LA section. That's where the game got it's funding. I was instantly impressed and thought it would make a quick Christmas gift to get or an easy nerd game to open up and play in between video games.

Creatures is all that. What strikes at you right away are the fun creature creations . All types of land mammals, herbivores, and water types are up in your enemies face as you shout out their names if they want to battle you. The simple design that allows any animal to be combined gives the game it's own style, sort of like napkin drawings or doodles for fun. With 96 cards giving you multiple messed up animals the game doesn't tire easily.

The games easy enough and fast to learn to play. Rules are simple build animals with the 7 cards your dealt, attack each other, if your animal is more powerful based on the combined points it's made up of you destroy the other animal. If your the winner you also get to scavenge from the beaten animal. Take one card, sort of like taking the DNA away from a corpse via Bioshock, just not as disgusting and make the card into a new animal. Some tricks and special gimmicks like your animal being poisonous or if the other  player doesn't have an animal to play will change what happens, but the rules will get you through it. The game can go pretty fast, and the best part might be attacking the same opponent after another player just has.

Once again I like the design, but I would have like a better way to package the cards away. Just throwing them away back in the box seems a bit untidy. Another slight thing was your given two decks. I didn't know right away to mash-em together or not, but you do. Each deck has different cards that you need for a more diverse game.

Finally, for the parent's it's for ages eight and up and can be played with up to six people or as little as two for a dog fight or maybe a Bum-Ga-Pine fight (Bumblebee, Kangaroo, Porcupine).

 Just grab the game here and maybe the magnets and t-shirts.

The only thing I could think of is if somehow a Pokemon version could come out with maybe more enhanced rules for older players, I'd love to see a  Char-tur-chu (Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu)