Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So White and Nerdy

 The UCB Theater is having some nerdy shows in April worth checking out.

 UCB Theater 5919 Franklin Ave Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 908-8702


8:00 pm — $5 Wednesday April 27, 2011

A gay nerd jokes about Superman, with Superman Returns creation that likelihood seemed inevitable.

In 1938, at the height of the great depression, the world was introduced to the greatest hero of all time.
In 1982, at the height of Mary Hartney's post-partum depression, that character was introduced to the biggest, gayest nerd of all time.

In So I Like Superman, writer/performer/comic book nerd Michael Hartney tells the secret origin of his lifelong obsession with the Man of Steel, oddly mirroring the plot of Superman: The Movie.
You will believe a nerd can believe a man can fly.

Tournament of Nerds!


 Midnight — $5 Saturday April 16, 2011

 Nerds debating stuff usually isn't funny. Comedian nerds debating stuff, now that's entertainment.

 Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight, Superman or Gandolf? Are you a fan of Comic books, Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy? Do you like to see nerds engage in passionate debate? Then come to the "Tournament of Nerds!" Nerds square off in heated debate to decide which heroes would win in a fight, as they battle to get through a March Madness type bracket... ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!!!

Hosted by Hal Rudnick & Justin Donaldson

Dungeons & Dragons & Improv


 11:00 pm — $5 Tuesday April 19, 2011

 D&D comedy time. Will Gilgax turn over in his grave?

 You enter a darkened room. It's muggy, and a crowd of hoodlums laughs uproariously as they sip ale from their flagons. A covey of jesters prances around for the crowd's amusement. But lo! This isn't some mud-floored tavern in a far flung realm, it's the UCB Theater! If you've always been curious about Dungeons & Dragons but don't know an orc from a goblin, come sate yourself with a night of fantasy themed improv instead!