Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Game Hype: Where's Mario?

Mario makes a brief appearance in Jude Buffum's Painting With Pixels at the GDC

I am 8-bit is strong with the 80's nostalgia feel.

Hyperdimension Neptunia is out now. What happens in a JRPG when a video game console is a goddess? Works well for a dog, oh Okamiden.

It was announced a while ago, but Retro City Rampage coming to 360 sounds pretty cool.

Who thought he'd come back from the dead, all the way from Mad World, Platinum game brings back the final boss. Wait, Blacker Baron, maybe it's the dude's son. He was named Black Baron. Anyway a massive online fighter sound like fun. Check out Anarchy Reigns when it comes out

Wouldn't Portal 2 rule on console if either system could use the kinect or move controls. They can't . Which sucks, just saying. Should have done special control modes.