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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Portal 2 Art Exhibit Concept

While checking out the Made Up Exhibition at the Art and Design College in Pasadena, I thought it would be better if Valve had a Portal 2 art show. The Made Up show was relatively small. It be a  great way to launch the game and share the fun with their fans. As of right now. I haven't heard of any launch parties for the game, which is a real shame.

Different sections could be taken in and out. A early draft section of the game. Sections for Chell, Atlus and P-Body, GlaDOS, Portal Turret could be put in. Fan art section, merch section to buy the game and products, maybe a collector t-shirt.

I think i am 8-bit could throw this together if asked by Valve or even I'd like to try getting it put together in LA. Find a open gallery set up shop. Probably, should have planned this out earlier, but it just came to me.

If you wanted to capture the outdoor/inside theme another good location would be the atrium at Sony Studios in Culver City. Don't know what deal would be needed to work that out. Another problem would be building GLaDos on such short notice, but LA is filled with a huge amount of creative artist and set designers so it is possible. The Companion Cube tables are for drinks or just sitting on. They could also just be made of plush for seats.

If you haven't read up on the the game it is now co-op and cross platform play. Meaning PS3 and PC/Mac owners can play.

The Made Up Show that inspired this ended Sunday.

It had some interesting pieces with many sci-fi elements. Microsoft's 2019, a video of what technology could look like in the future seemed more likely for 2030. The video had a lot of tech which is still at it's earliest and shows it's potential, but if it came true would be amazing. If you've ever watched the Ghost in the Shell anime series imagine a world of drop down huds and overlays. credit card thin phones that are also computers and school children talking to each other with instant translations through some sort of mirror wall.
Around this piece, it hit me how similar everything was to walking around the levels in the game.

Look it's the Out Run car I've mentioned before. It takes two views and display both . One takes the data in and incorporates into the game. The other shows you the real view in front of you.

The Made Up show does inspire ideas and hopefully a decent Portal 2 Launch, won't be one of them. The game comes out the 19th of April.