Friday, March 25, 2011

Things To Do In April

The Greatest Episode of Batman Brave and The Bold

April 1st, no foolin

"Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!". Written by Paul Dini and filled to Batman incarnations throughout the ages. You have Jiro Kuwata's Bat-Manga Batman. The Mad magazine version. A scooby-doo team up to rescue none other than Weird Al Yankovic? You know you'll be loving every minute of it.

Japanese Film Festival

April 9-11, 16-17

Multiple Theaters

Time for some Japanese love. The Japanese Film Festival is back with a whole lot of independent movies this year. From calligraphy loving girls to a man trying to make a billion yen, you have a wide selection to choose from. The festival is scattered throughout the city. Starting at the New Bev then to Little Tokyo and to Irvine.
The festival is a great chance to catch film you might never get to see. Last year's Yatterman still hasn't come over to a American distributor. The style antics can be so different from American cinema, it's always a pleasure to see something with their cultural aesthetics.

Here are the titles to look out for

Shodo Girls-Blue Blue Sky

The Billion Yen Jackpot
Twice Bombed The Legacy of Yamaguchi Tsutomu (Producer/Director is scheduled to appear.)
Turning Japanese
The Neighbor (Directors is scheduled to appear.)
A Good Husband
The Knot
The Back of Destiny
Half Kenneth
Asakusa Daydreams
-x-(minus by minus)
Snow Flowers
Summer Bookmobile
The Lost Samurai
Mirror in the mirror

Times for the showing haven't been set as I write this, keep checking their site or add them to your Facebook to find out when and where something you like will be playing.

L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival
April 7-11
 Downtown Independent

251 S Main St.
Los Angeles
Phone: 213-617-1033

Bringing in the laughs is the L.A Comedy Shorts Film Festival. This event dominates making you chuckle with glee. Titles like Mega Racist White Man 2(spoof of Megaman!) and Ninja Sex Party are only a few strange works that will appear. Different shorts are in different sections. Sci-fi comedy looks promising in the Shut Your Wormhole Block. There's going to be some comedy stars hanging around as there friends of the people making these, or they might be in them. The judges star power shine from all manner of stars and writers of tv shows and movies. A opening night with Funny Or Die sounds promising.

Full list of comedy blocks and events here

Video Games Soundtrack – Golden State Pops Orchestra
and Art of World of Warcraft

Saturday, April 9th @ 8 PM

the Warner Grand Theatre 478 W. 6th St., San Pedro

Art of World of Warcraft at the Arcade Building 479 W. 6th St., San Pedro
Blizzard's World of Warcraft Artwork (on display at the Arcade Building, located at 479 W. 6th St., San Pedro.  the show will be open during the April 7th San Pedro First Thursday Art Walk and on Saturday April 9th.

VIP Reserved Seating @ $35.00/each
General Admission @ $25.00/each
Students, Seniors, Children @ $15.00/each

Music to my ears, well they could have tried to emulate chiptunes and seen the result. Anyway video game music will be played. What songs?, I don't know they have a lousy site, next time put up the music that'll be played webmaster, jeez. Give-em a call if you want to know for sure, if not why not chance it? World of Warcraft same deal, know idea what that"ll be like.

The 9th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

 April 12-17, 2011

ArcLight Hollywood, 6360 W. Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Right after the Japanese Film festival is the Indian Film Festival and it's not scattered around LA, it's all in one place, the Arclight Hollywood. Different genres from dramas to family comedies come all the way from India for LA to enjoy. Another delicious flavor that makes up the film festival ice cream store that is LA, the Indian Film Festival is rich in taste and concepts that can be both fun and heartbreaking. Right now, the best sounding movie with the most hype is Endhiran( Robot). Big internet buzz aside here's a little info, it's a Robot movie, musical, with guns and action. Also a robot snake composed of other robots. Yeah, it's gonna rock.
Word to the wise, don't ever mention Disco Dancer.

Adventure Time Exhibit

April 16th Opening Reception /, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Nucleus 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801    

What time is it? Adventure Time! The Adventure Time Exhibit will be happening at Nucleus. They know how to throw some fun events. I couldn't be more excited for seeing some Adventure Time art in person. Yes, fans can enjoy a Adventure Time event together, much more than when the Autumn Society had theirs at Cartoon Network Offices in Burbank and didn't tell anyone, jerks. They have a upcoming event in May. I'll be giving you more info as it comes to me.

Happening the same time and place is the

Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute

April 16th Opening Reception /, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Nucleus 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

The classic movie from Tim Burton has a lot of fans and some happen to be artist. I wonder how old Scissorhands could hold a paintbrush. I can't wait to see the different takes on the movie and what scenes will be remembered. I wonder how he got the damn movie green lit." So he has scissors for hands ... hhhhmm, fund it!" Funny, the show seems like build up for the Tim Burton Exhibit at LACMA at the end of May.

(Imagine me sounding like Vincent Price)
Here are some highlights of what to come

Free refreshments and ambrosia served.

Free raffle ticket for those dressed in their best Scissorhands-inspired attire. Tickets can be purchased for $2.00 each. *

Raffle prizes includes original artwork, Anniversary Edition Edward Scissorhands DVD, Avon gifts, and Nucleus gift certificates.

Gifts and samples provided by "Avon Lady" (Johanna Figueroa).

This is an all ages event.

Admission is free