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Friday, March 11, 2011

Game Hype: The GDC3DSDLC News

Here's the final pic of the completed Paint By Pixels- Jude Buffum (I am 8-bit) piece. Dragons, monsters, ninjas and the Golden Gate Bridge. Dude with a funny hat with a jet pack.

I'm still looking for the best pics of Game Over 4

The first character DLC for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 hit's the 15th. Jill Valentine whose like Wesker in the vain of She-Hulk is like Hulk. A favorite of mine Shuma-Gorath, he's from Marvel side and a enemy of Dr.Strange.

Check out their moves

At Capcom Unity Forums, a fan held contest was made for the most wanted dlc characters. Mega Man X and Venom ranked the highest from each company. Phoenix Wright came in second for Capcom's side. It's fan held so Capcom's just aware of the results.

Check out the rest of the results

Here's who'd I like to see added to the game

Spiral- Enemy of the X-Men, Galacta- Daughter of Galactus and Hakan-Street Fighter

Also coming out to DS very soon our two great looking titles Monster's Tale from the man who gave us Henry Hatsworth and Okaimden, the sequel to Okami. Both look spectacular and a fine way for the old version of DS to end it's cycle. Don't worry they"ll still be playable on the 3DS. 3DS hits at the end of the month and cost more than the Wii.
Hope this Chibiratsu plush becomes available at a LA event