Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rocket Fizz Fresh

Blasted over to the new Rocket Fizz on Ventura. Stellar selection of sodas and candies. Rare sodas and treats make this store like a rainboe exploding in your face. You might spend some time and cash for the perfect treat. 

 Rocket Fizz
14613 Ventura Blvd
San Fernando Valley, CA 91403
818 981-9009

The store is more than heavily stocked with different fruit flavor sodas, root beers and what have you.

A taffy bin section as well as rarities make it stand out among places to pig out. Strawberry and poppy-seed kit-kats anyone? Rocket Fizz has a selection of foreign candy from Japan and England and other countries that aren't America. I recommend the Lion Bar from England, chocolate goodness as big as a lion's roar.

For sodas my two favorites so far have to be the Nesbitt's Peach which I previously could only ever find at Galco's Soda Pop Stop all the way in Eagle Rock/Outskirts of Glendale. With a refreshing taste of the uncommon peach and pink coloring it makes it one of the best tastes out there. Death Valley Green Sour Apple won't pucker you up to much, but leaves you cool. I've only found this one at Whole Foods before.

They have parking in the back if you can't find anything up front.