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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MLB 11 The Show Review

There's baseball and then there's playing baseball with  a motion controller in 3D. I'm not much for baseball games or sports simulators, because I'd rather be playing them outside. However, this game stays true to the rules of sports simulators and being able to fake hit a ball in 3D is kind of fun.

If your a baseball fan and into video game welcome to your world. It was a little uneasy at first getting use to the motion controls, but after a while you start getting it. With 3d it makes you feel like your playing in the stadium of your choice. Don't get me wrong it's not virtual reality, quite yet, but it's fun to take the first step. Sorry if I worried you, the game supports the normal PS3 controller, but the experience is different. The game should be played with the move.

Franchise mode is like any other is sport simulators and not really my cup, but for people who nerd out on such things it must be heaven.

-Co-op mode was fun, actually having a team around you in real life is funny. Up to four friends can help you out. There is a lot of cussing, though. Not from the game. just my friends.

From what I've read online graphics are heavily improved. Animations seems fine and nothing seems like it was taking a short-cut. However, I'm a little annoyed with commentary now and again. I guess I don't care what they have to say.

If your into Baseball and own a PS3 just go ahead and get this game.

Also support looks nominal for now with Challenge Of The Week Online Mode. Talk of prizes seems like a fun affair.

Reviewer got a copy from publisher Sony. Reviewer played multiple modes with friends at home and online.