Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventure Time To Eat

So it looks like the rumor that Finn and Jake live in some post-apocalyptic future are more true. Today's episode "Susan Strong" has Finn finding his people living under ground with all their own animal type headgear in some sort of a nuclear fallout shelter. The show now reminds of whole other take on A Boy and his Dog (movie) which is kind of like the predecessor to the Fallout video game series. That with the episode where Lady's Rainicorn's parent's said they thought most humans were extinct and all the left over nuclear bombs is painting a picture of some horrible catastrophe befalling mankind. If you look in the backgrounds on the show you'll notice something might have gone wrong . Could the Land of Ooo be the planet earth in the future? I don't know, but it seems cool.

-Facebook Contest to Win Adventure Time Stuff

As the commercial for the episode spoiled that Finn's people want to eat the Candy Kingdom residents I thought it be fun to show off all the Adventure Time treats people have been making of the cast.