Monday, March 28, 2011

Cartoon Networks Future and Problemz

Superjail is back this April 2nd and the animation still looks good even though it's switched to Titmouse Inc. It looks to be another sick and totally, f-uped season.

 Problem Solverz is a problem

How f-uped is Problem Solverz? It was made for Adult Swim, but Adult Swim passed on it. If thats and indication of how bad it is, just think about how above Adult Swim has Superjail Season 2. It's worse than Superjail and there putting it on for kids. My only guess is the people who are leaving Cartoon Network are leaving it to look as bad as possible for the new people. The networks getting a new head, so people are on the way out.

The concept sounds funny enough, a team the solves idiotic problems, but I've never seen a uglier art style since Xavier: Renegade Angel. I love the writing, but this is probably one of the ugliest cartoons ever. Not, ugly gross, just piss poor ,cheap and worthless. The former Cartoon Network execs bought this for eleven episodes to fail. Parents are not going to be happy with the look of the show.

It disgusts me.

Aside from that as much as I like Adult Swim, putting out strange funny and new content, they have some major failings. Animes are on too late, they seem not share when new episodes are coming out or generally don't care that much . They might have to show them because Cartoon Network or a more powerful part of the corporation is forcing them, too.

It's sad, because they don't give anime credit for being apart of them for so long. Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell. So many other great titles. It's utterly strange because they god damned co-produced the anime Big O for it's final season. The animes help establish Adult Swim of bringing in new and interesting content that many people might never see. It was my generations MTV. Now it's becoming a former shell of itself just like MTV. The internet will be tomorrow's MTV and really already is, but damn Adult Swim could still try and bring some animation thats fresh or give new animators a chance to makes something sick, but funny.

-Live- action? It's a cartoon channel at night. Produce cartoons, not comedies from comedians that know each other.

-King of the Hill? Really, every freaken night? Who cares. Your a part of Viacom, why not just show Beavis and Butt-Head? Why not show old liquid, television.