Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rubber Olly Moss Poster Contest

About a week ago I got to interview the director/writer of Rubber. Now what does that mean to you? How about a signed poster from him. Send a pic of a drawing/ art/ whatever of your best evil tire to [email protected] with "evil tire" as the subject. Include your name and physical address. The contest ends on April Fools Day, which is the release of Rubber in theaters. For us locals it"ll be the Nuarte. Contest only open to people in California so if you mailing address ain't in CA forget it. The prize, a signed Olly Moss designed poster from the director of Rubber- Quentin Dupieux.

BTW check out Olly Moss's Pokemon Poster

via Tiny Cartridge

Let's break it down shall we. All the questions about Rubber you might have. Here's all the facts you want to know about the movie"warning spoilers"

So the only CGI was the heads exploding. The script was written in three weeks. Fourteen days to film .It was shot on a Canon 5D. He got the idea after his other movie bombed and he went into a empty theater and wondered if he was being watched from the projector room. The speech in the beginning is so he didn't have to explain any origin . The reason why group watching is poisoned is because he got bored with them. One had to survive for somebody to still have the still be watching him schtik. Robert moved using a tire that could roll itself, like a tire robot, only one of a few of these tire robots worked well. The rest and most of it was film tricks and a puppeter or someone moving it. Cost was under a million, 500,000 estimated budget by imdb.

End of spoilersHe has two movies in the works and is currently living in LA. I'll have a more in-depth interview up with the director as the film approaches this April. I do suggest you watch this cult hit as soon as it comes out.