Thursday, March 3, 2011

Game Hype 3 To Look At Cartoon Skull Girls

 Cartoon Network just announced a great idea for a beat-em using their characters from different shows they've had over the years. Chowder Vs Dexter. Powerpuffs vs Samurai Jack. No other blogs or sites seem to being mentioning they game play looks like crap. I'm all for the concept, but it looks like a future forgotten game due to poor play mechanics. If your taking the time to make the game make it decent. I can just see this in a pile of cheap games under $20 a month after it comes out.

Check more out at their Facebook and when you launch something have a decent trailer to show Cartoon Network.
Skull Girls beat downs with fair maiden hair. Looks like hair hurts in this stylish and cartoony destined for home consoles. Though hair attacks aren't new Gulty Gear making a whole game about them seems like a whole new take on the fighter. I can't wait to see more info as this game comes out

I saw a early model of this game at Anime Expo it already seemed finished when I played it last July.

Gal Gun the game where you shoot girls to fall in love you has come out in Japan I think, I like how the ad on the back of this magazine doesn't show off how strange a game about shooting girls with a love gun is.
I love the Monster furniture in PlayStation Home. To bad PlayStation home is useless.

Chell is looking good for Portal 2 out in April, wonder if will learn more about the character