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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Venture Bros Time! Season 4 Blu-Ray Review

Season 4 of the Venture Bros had its up's and down's. Utterly sick backstory, makes the show slick and new. The show has the boys growing up some more. Prom and internships, getting into a good college and one of them gets laid, but not in a good way...

The nerd side of you will love the references and the insane concepts. One episode features The Monarch trying to kill Dr. Venture in his mind. The Monarch takes control of Dr. Venture in some sort of strange mind control center of his brain,  then there's the episode like Innerspace. For a fun fact Sgt. Hatred voice actor is really talking from a Optimus Prime Mask. Then there are all the sub-plots that are slowly coming together.

The season finale really set off what the shows about, family and the stupid problems they face by hurting each other, that and mutant bug whores, a flying spyhnx and Hulk disease. What's really sad is there's episodes when you fill bad for Dr. Venture and then you see he deserves all of it. He's a horny self absorbed dirty old man.

I can't think of a show that grabs at a nerd with so many jokes only a nerd would get. The shows made by nerds for nerds to geek out to.

The audio and visual look great, it's a high quality cartoon. Extras are deleted scenes could have been filled out more, but you have deleted scenes for every episode.
The only downside is the blu-ray menu isn't as inventive or nice as last seasons, which was a homage to old school games and had a great photo of what the Venture team would look like if they became a live-action show. The blu-ray background ... is just a picture of the Venture compund. At least put up a cool animatic, I expect more from Adult Swim dvd and blu-ray releases.  The interior of the Blu-ray case is a bit lacking, no reverse image on the inside cover. I've bought adult swim dvd's in the past and it's just not the same amount of love that went into them. The Blu-ray case lacks the room of the old dvd covers, but still.

What the season needed more of was Molotov Cocktease, which Photographer Greg De Stefano has captured here

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