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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LA Cosplay or LA Costume Contest

With a upcoming cosplay event it's kind of a wonder how well to rate this one. One of the best parts would have to been the sexy music that played when the kids contest was up. I almost couldn't stop laughing.

Short of a few mess ups the LA Cosplay Contest was a fun affair. I would have said it was mostly for kiddies. Except for the skits that happened, though nothing really broke pg-13, it was mostly ladies dancing provocatively. There was some cute K-On  music being sung and a man in a dinosaur suit. They were mostly J-Pop.

The winner Cyrstal Web

They had a impressive voice actor judges.
Tara Strong- Timmy Turner, Ben 10, Raven, Bubbles all her. Plus, Tom Kenny( SponeBob) who was nice enough to drive back to his house to get some pics to sign for the kids. I think it would have just been fun to hear them at event, just constantly commenting. This is only a few of all the voice talent they had, which kind of eludes me as to why they were at a cosplay event. Cosplay really fits with anime and they didn't have any anime voice actors.

I'm sorry the Hot Dog, Mustard and Ketchup Trio were too funny. They also had nothing to do with cosplay and just made it a costume contest. I'm so glad the furries didn't show up they hang in Noho sometimes and would have made things akward.

The proceeds went to fire rose productions which helps enrich kids lives with theater and is a nonprofit.