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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quentin Dupieux Burns Rubber, Baby!

The contest is at a end for a signed poster by Olly Moss for Rubber signed by the director at midnight, no foolin. I'll be posting some of the art and the winner shortly.

I like to remind everyone you can see Rubber in theaters April 1st. Locally at the

11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of the 405 Freeway
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 281-8223

Special Appearance at the Nuart Theatre (Los Angeles, CA):

Actress Roxane Mesquida will appear In Person Friday, April 1 for a Q&A after the 7:30pm show and to introduce the 9:45pm show. She will also appear Saturday, April 2 for a Q&A after the 7:30pm show and to introduce the 9:45pm show. One week engagement.

On the topic of Rubber, I was lucky enough to chat shortly with the director Quentin Dupieux a few weeks ago.

He discussed a number of topics when the press met with him about his new movie. What I can tell you in just meeting with him is he's French, friendly and has a beard. That and he's a total kid at heart. Now I've already gone over the questions he's usually asked here, but Quentin went into the topic of using the just a 5D camera and not using a big crew.
"... as a filmmaker you just have to deal with tons of ideas most of them are bad you always looking for a good idea i don't know why we picked it up, i just felt it was worth filming." "You know I shoot, with my son, a tire in the yard ... and we watched it in the theater and it was exciting like a movie.
"I've always been filming and shooting with Rubber,.. the camera is mine and I can shoot and nobodies watching a screen and I'm the only one watching.
"When you pay a ticket to watch a movie, or when you click to play a online movie, even when you still it online , the movie has to be good looking"

I asked about the new poster slight controversy, " he had to say, "Honestly, when someone work on everything else and they want to bring there touch, honestly they did a great job on the first poster by Olly Moss, it's genius, suddenly the best poster for this movie." Did you just tweet that you didn't like it or did you tell them first?" I asked. "They knew, it was insulting to me, it's not my movie, they painted the girl. If you look they just painted a random Brunette, it's not the girl in the movie, it'd not the tire. It's not even the same design! It's like, yeah, just put in a tire, it's fine. I got pissed off. I know why the did that, it's funny in a way." I then asked if he was pissed at this early and that's why he left AFI Fest premiere of his movie early. He just told me no, that the poster he didn't like wasn't made, yet. He didn't leave early angry. He said he was simply scared to do it. Strange as the audience loved it.

Someone else asked about the casting of Robert, (the tire). Strangely, enough it was difficult as their is copyright laws in place for all the tires on the market with their different designs. So they had to change trade the tread design. He said a car tire had to be the tire. Why? He answered, "No , reason."

I think my favorite thing Quentin had to say was, " I know this sounds stupid, like childish, but I don't want to be a professional...and being a professional disgust me, like, yeah I'm a director, yeah do this, do that, that's disgusting I don't wan to do that. I'm just a kid and I'm just having fun with a camera"