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Friday, March 11, 2011

Games You May Have Missed: Limbo & The Flying Hamster


Dark, depressing fun. Like a nightmare you can't wake up from, you'll find yourself never wanting to put it down  A new puzzles to solve oh, it's that late. Playing the game when it's dark is a must. With a world with no color it seems , quite beautiful. You have play as a little boy who wakes up with no idea where you are. You find yourself in a place with bear traps and it that ... oh my God it's a giant spider thing!!!! Creepy crawlers, murderous little children and saw blades await you it this horror puzzler. Super Meat Boy and

Limbo should have a saw blades party.

Anyway I haven't met a game in a while that pulls you in with such a minimal story , but when you think about it your living the story through gameplay. That's even what the New Super Mario Bros Wii strived far. The story is your trials through the game. That's the thing with cut scenes, I'm not doing it your showing me a video. You'll need some time and you might die a lot, but this game is up there with Braid.  A smart plaformer/ puzzle game that makes you think with dark consequences if your wrong.

The games from the Danish and they know depressing, but someone else's depression (the little boy) not yours. Ingenuity and dark grimace make this a game you should download from xbox live if you missed it.

1200 Points

No wonder it won a Annie Award for Best Game of The Year, even against Kirby's Epic Yarn. I can't wait to see their next title.

Game was provided by Play Dead , reviewer played and completed the game

The Flying Hamster

A shooter that know its crazy. The Flying Hamster is more than your average shooter, because of it's sense of humor. Your not a robot or spaceship your a hamster trying to save you hamster girlfriend, also you can fly. Yet, there so much more. Like the excellent backgrounds of Castle Crashers a bunch of strange stuff is going on. In the forest there appears to be a bar for cats.

Attack are also a step into a new direction you can shoot yakitori out of you mouth. Yakitori is a Japanese snack. It doesn't stop there beer, bees, sunflower seeds. How about octopus and needles or whatever comes out of smelly flowers and your own spit.

Your enemies are a strange bunch a cow who shoots milk out of it's udders like a machine gun. A super cat, robots with toaster heads, Egyptian penguins.

I have to give credit for one of the bosses that must have been inspired by a Japanese wrestler. The leather clad rodent at then end of the Japan level who shoots a rainbow attack and frolics at you. That rodent can only be making fun of Hard Gay. A real Japanese wrestler whose finishing move is humping his opponents into submission.

This game has humor with cute visuals that make it stand out among your run of the mill shooters. Colorful and fun, it'll have you questioning, "Why is that wale afraid of the ocean?(play the game)

You may have missed this title because it a shame, but not only is it on PSP and PS3 it's now on iPhone and iPad

$2.99 in itunes store

Game was provided by The Game Ateleir for review, reviewer got up to level 5.