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Thursday, March 24, 2016

WonderCon Updates: Why No Batman V Superman Special Event? TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorites Showrunners And Urges For Some To Suck Part Of My Anatomy

-First off, we were all wondering what the New Line Cinema./Warner Bros Pictures panel was about and it's about James Wan, Director, Producer and ... It's about horror movies. What most thought was it would be something relating  to Batman V Superman, that comes out this weekend. With WonderCon being so close to Hollywood and being a major fan event you would think Warner Bros would go all out with Batman V Superman. Well, we haven't seen the DC booth yet, but there's really no specific connection to the movie at the con.

It could all be a trick, but Warner Bros doesn't do that or has never done that before.

It just seems like a waste though. All those fans, all the good pr. Let's just dump DC Rebirth in there.

-TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorites Showrunners 

The showrunners announced are so mixed. Panelists include: Ali Adler (Supergirl), Craig DiGregorio (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Scott M. Gimple (The Walking Dead) and Paul Scheer (Party Over Here). Then there's Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) and Melissa Rosenberg (Marvel's Jessica Jones). Damon and Melissa, ugh. Love Paul Scheer, but Party Over here is an awful show. Let's get back to Jessica Jones though, other than just being stupid, I think it's a de-powering show for women. Jessica is one of the worst role models for girls and I know the shows isn't suppose to be that, but ugghh. I just Linedlof, he sucks. And I'm not alone.

Even TV Guide's Meta Critic reviews for both shows I mentioned in dislike are at 50

TV Guide Magazine
Matt Roush
Nov 6, 2015
Plays like an over-extended 13-hour arc pitting her against mind-controlling villain Kilgrave. Less would have been more. [9-22 Nov 2015, p.13]
 Oh, snap, Matt!
Jun 27, 2014
An uneven yet at times emotionally engrossing series that hasn't quite figured out an appropriate or clear tone to dramatize this mystifying meditation on loss, sustained grief and tested, twisted faith
I'll give TV Guide props for getting a diverse group up there, but man, you gotta hate Rosenberg and Lindelof.