Thursday, March 17, 2016

Adventure Time Time: It Airs on Saturdays Now?

Never a good sign, but new Adventure Time episodes have been airing on Saturdays. Why not Thursdays or it's own time slot? Because some executive thought it was a good idea. Either way, you usually don't change a show to Saturday on Cartoon Network, that's a day for reruns or the worst library of live action movies for children.

The newest episode is The Thin Yellow Line, airing this Saturday.

When the show came back from hiatus, man, that episode should have been save for when school starts again after the summer. Just another blow to put kids into feeling like their entire school year will suck. Writer Tom Herpich, that episode was irredeemably dark and unpleasant and no, it did not work. "The Hall of Egress," goes into the pile of bad episodes, not as bad as "Sad Face," , but still it's own kind of awful.

It was as bad as coming back from summer vacation to school. If you loved going back to school, then frankly you shouldn't be writing on Adventure Time anymore.