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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

WonderCon 2016 Goodies: Where Does He Get All His Toys

So many cool things to buy, only hours to find them and buy them. WonderCon is a well-stocked market of fan items that need to go up on shelves, be worn, and be given to me on my birthday. Oh, I knew you were buying presents for me.

Anyway, there were some new statues, props and what have you to drool over at WonderCon in hopes that one day that they might end up in your office or bedroom.

 Yes, that's the Joker's severed hand or really the "The Joker's Calling Card Statue." From Crytpozoic, it's suppose come out this Summer and if it does well there may be a series of hand holding statues. So many dirty jokes come to mind. If it does come out it'll be $65.

From the same comapny, I just have to laugh at the poorly made and looking DC back scratchers.

Oh, the indie scene in aristocrat allt, I mean artist alley we have Morty's to collect and even the Plumbus from Rick & Morty.

 We somewhat questioned Disney Emporium being at WonderCon, but the vinyl from the Marvel movies does look smashing. Those LP designs are just to nice.

The Captain Cold Gun from The Flash series looks downright, cool.

 Yes, that's a LEGO Bat Signal, that really lights up. Next to it are the too beautiful Sideshow Collectible statues.

 Ryu's Fist inside the Capcom booth with a big collection of robes from any genre to warm your fan heart.