Monday, March 28, 2016

WonderCon 2016: Bob's Burgers Panel

Bob's Burgers, the beloved cartoon comedy sitcom was at WonderCon 2016. We had a chance to talk to some of the cast and creator and sit in on the panel  to hear the screams and strange voices. What strange voices?  Kristen Schaal (“Louise Belcher”), John Roberts (“Linda Belcher”),Dan Mintz (“Tina Belcher”) and Larry Murphy (“Uncle Teddy”), joined by creator Loren Bouchard (Creator/Executive Producer).

You could hear Kristen Schall moaning as she entered the room for the press room. I doubt out of displeasure as that women can turnaround any situation and sounds like an Aunt that takes you on some magical straight-to-video Disney movie.

In the panel and in the press room you we would hear how creator Loren Bouchard thinks of his cast like a family. Funny, as Schall refers to him as father a few times in panel and during the Q & A. He took the reigns during the interviews and started by talking about how happy he is about the 100th episode coming out soon. He looked ready to make another hundred episodes.

I brought up the almost sold out Bob's Burgers Live at the Wiltern in LA to the cast. I told them I probably won't go because it's almost sold out. "It's okay to be in the far, far back," Loren Bouchard tells me, after I tell them I'm not gonna get a good seat.

They won big at the Annie Awards this year and in no subtle way I asked if Kristen Schaal would host next year. She said she presented at the ceremony and would continue to do so, but don't hold your breath for any full time hosting duties. She did however say, "I'm so happy that I one. And I'm still waiting for it [my trophy], it takes like four months til you get it, but I'm gonna put them side by side and spin them!" The Annie Awards feature awards that spin due to being about animation, they're called zoetropes.

A loop from questions from the press room and panel led to Loren Bouchard repeating himself about how much of the voice cast records together and that it takes a year for the animation to be done and go on air. The cast has to wait with fans to see the final results of their voice fused with the animation on Sunday nights on Fox.

What was no repeated in panel was an odd question that came from Twitter from another reporter. "Who would win in a fight between a bear and a gorilla?," he asked the cast. The cast, made up of funny people, did not make it easy for him upon asking such a stupid, but funny question. Schall asked if the bear and gorilla were teamed up against one of them? The the rest of the cast chimed in until the reporter had to say what type of Gorilla, silverback and bear, grizzly and gaven them there genus. John Roberts asked, "Is Sigourney Weaver there?" While Dan Murphy asked if it took place in Bob's restaurant. "If Sigourney Weaver is not there, then the bear," comes from Linda's lips and needs to be a bumper sticker on my car.

"If Sigourney Weaver is not there, then the bear!"

 "The job is easy, very easy," is what Roberts (“Linda Belcher”) told us when asked about being a voice actor, which Schall interrupted. "No, it's not," with an added, "It's one of those things where we drink a lot to get over the stress of trying to pull it off." John added, "Does anyone have some tequila?"

We ended the press questions with holiday  episode questions, "It is becoming weird, if you do the math they've had the same Christmas, the same Halloween, the same Thanksgiving over and over again. It's getting weird," Bouchard said.

What wasn't weird was the laughter and surprise the audience had for Dan Mitz at the panel. You could almost see the pink buddy ears perk up on Louise Belcher cosplayers as Dan tried to say a few opening words, but laughter shot out of the audience after every utterance. The teenage girl in the cartoon is a full grown man, a thirty-five-year-old to be exact, it's hard for one's brain to shut off the connection.

If you're asking about a crossover with The Simpsons or Archer, well wait, because right now nothing is in the works. The only way it could happen is if it were a dream or in someone's imagination. Nothing like yellow skinned humans or super spies exists in Bob's world is what Bouchard told the panel crowd.

We all laughed at some clips for upcoming episode, like one where Paul Rudd is the voice of Tina's imaginary horse. Look forward to Louise and Gene taking over a robot...somewhat and using it for their own personal gain.

During the Q & A part of the panel, Kristen and Dan were presented with dolls in their likeness of their characters. While Schall reached over the table, climbing on it to get to them the other voice cast was noticeably unhappy not getting their own dolls.

A new episode of Bob's Burgers comes out this Sunday, April 3rd and April 10th.