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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Security Guards That Need To Be Fired At The: LA Zoo and Topanga Canyon Mall

A koala is dead. This is already turning into a interesting day isn't it? The LA Zoo is getting a lot of traction today as one of its koala bears was found killed. It's mauled carcass was found earlier today after it was missing from its enclosure. The main suspect is a mountain lion. And no, there isn't an escaped animal from the zoo. No, in fact this is a free mountain lion that made some fame a while back when a photographer got some nice shots of it and the Hollywood sign. P-22, that it's tagged name, has been seen around the zoo before, but only hunting little critters.

As of right now there's only footage of P-22 being near the murder of said koala, but no concrete evidence.

So main question? How easy is it to break into the LA Zoo at night?


Out by the Westfield Topanga mall, a robbery took place last night, March 9 at around 7:45pm. The four robbers, all wearing hoodies, and one suspected to have a gun ordered employees of the Ben Bridge inside the mall of hitting the ground. The other suspects were armed with hammers, which they broke cases with and stole around forty Rolex Watches.

Officers used the Rolex Watches, some fitted with trackers for GPS tech, to follow the suspects down the 101 North to the 405 South before the GPS signals were lost. The suspects are still at large.

This is not the first robbery at the mall as another jewelry store was robbed last year. In 2013 an employee at the mall was kidnapped at the mall parking lot and then rapped.

Mall security at Westfield Topanga, we don't think you're doing a very good job.