Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why L.A. Zine Fest is Cr@p and Why You Shouldn't Go

It's where you go when you start contemplating becoming a murderer, it's once again for L.A. Zine Fest, the place that is essentially the awful LA Art Book Fair, which was like a sad punk parade, but with less money.

Now we honestly tried finding the silver lining of this event with a few choice artist, but the numbers don't add up. You might find one or two silly comics to have friends gawk at, but it's not worth going through the other work that is comically and stereotypically so bad that you think it's fake.

Zines at the event almost all consist of the lowest of the low of work. From unexplained incoherent nonsense to doodles and random porn. And we mean bad quality porn, you can get much better porn by simply going online.

The cartoonist community of LA supports it, they may go to support friends, but with Comic Arts LA, there is no point for them to go to this other show that seems to try and just sell pieces of paper of no value to the masses.

Hipster parents, don't bring your kids. There's gore all around with other strange imagery; your baby stroller is hitting a bunch of people who are crunched together. Once again, there's a lot of porn. And if you want your baby to see porn...I don't know why, 'cause your sick like that, you have the internet at home to show your baby that stuff.

Just browsing the website for Zinefest I see an image of a person in a Bugs Bunny costume on the toilet and a illustration of two guys going down on each other. And if you're into gay porn, there are so many other events in LA that do a better job.