Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pokemon GO, You're Screwed All My Friends Who Don't Go Outside

Pokemon GO was was shown off at the GDC, last week. What was learned is quite fascinating and gives bit of an edge to those who go outside and enjoy traveling. You will have to visit certain locations, like monuments, attractions, perhaps even a museum or a pier to grab certain Pokemon. Some Pokemon will also match there location, so water types will be near water. That means, you've go to visit the beach or lakes. You've got to possibly go higher up in elevation to get mountain types.

Oh, it's everything I imagined it to be. I wished this just so I could see people being forced to go outside and visit places.

Will this create a new group of players or people who just visit a location, give no care to why it was chosen and then leave after getting there Pokemon? How many people will learn they can explore the city for a real adventure. How many will jump back on the bus or in their cars?

Pok√©mon GO Plus, also mentioned  is a little Blue-Tooth enabled device that connects to your phone and let's you keep up with the game.

Read more about the game here with details about PokeStops and eventually being to take on Gyms.