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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

WonderCon 2016: Nintendo & Capcom

 Check out the the new Kirby Amiibos will be getting in June! It was one of many highlights from that always goody giving away Nintendo Booth that had the following games free to play.

Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Guard
Pokkén Tournament
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Lucky players got a Star Fox Patch for playing and if you got on Hyrule Warriors Legends you would get a special Link sword stylus.

 Capcom's booth featured Umbrella Corps and after three tussles you get your own Umbrella Corps in for playing. Resident Evil 20th Anivversarry tickets were given out to anyone who played Resident Evil 6. You also had a choice of Street Fighter V, with tournament throughotu the con and of course your ol' pal Mega Man in his own collection.