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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

WonderCon 2016 Update: Panels To Avoid, The Food Is Terrible

For the most part this post is just about the negative aspects about being at the Convention Center or the hellish desert of good food nearby, which is almost none. The only good place in walking distance is The Pantry and it's not even in LA Live. Forgot LA Live when it comes to fair prices. We recommend bringing snacks and your own lunch and getting a late dinner after, because inside the convention center is mediocre food at price-gouging prices. I think a soda may cost more than it does in movie theater. A slice of pizza maybe more than five dollars.

Panels to avoid

-TeeFury: Pop Fandom as Artistic Inspiration 

Now TeeFury has had massive problems with customer service and late deliveries. It somehow has the time to have a panel at WonderCon. First question during the Q&A, "Where's my shirt?"

 -World Premiere: Justice League vs. Teen Titans 

The animation and writing sucks. Sit through it if you want, you're not going to enjoy it that much. If you do go, go to make fun.