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Friday, March 4, 2016

Game Hype: No Man's Sky Launch Date, Firewatch Maps

No Man's Sky, we've waited and we've waited, but you've finally given us a launch date, June 21st. It's coming out both on PC and PS4 the same day. Both regular editions are going for $59.99

Surprisingly, you can get the game with a retail edition for PS4 with a few nice extras including a steel book case, a 48-page art book, a comic and some digital extras.

On the ongoing saga of making collector's editions, iam8bit has come out with a special collector's edition. The Explorer's Edition comes with a tin toy replica of the ship from the game and of course, the game itself, as a code and costs $149.99. The No Man's Sky Deluxe Art Card Set doesn't look bad either from iam8bit's collection of No Man's Sky special merch.

-High Quality Printable Firewatch Maps
The makers of the game suggest having someone direct you with the printed map and you never accessing it in game.