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Monday, March 21, 2016

WonderCon 2016 Update: The Worst Reminder, Artists We Like

We are in WonderCon week! In a few days the WonderCon LA debut takes places with panels and a sizable amount of people in costumes parading around downtown. Will have updates as they come in, but be sure to check the side of the site for latest WonderCon news.

If you haven't guessed it, jeez, I feel bad for you, we will be covering the event over the weekend, so get ready for some news, cosplay photos and horrible, horrible commentary on the booths that shouldn't be there. Eye exams! Lutheran Ministry! Where's my ninja turtles booth!

-Quick Guide Up

LA Downtown news is usually one of our favorite guides to LA, but they really phoned it in with this week's reminder about WonderCon.

Let's break it down slow

Down at the Convention Center, the floors have been buffed and the bathrooms sanitized. 

Why would you start with that? Why? Why not start with, "Hey fans of TV, Comics and Movies there's a big event happening downtown for you at the LA Convention Center!" It's just such a bad starting point. Now it makes me think of how dirty it is there.

Across the street, Hooters has doubled up on its weekly order of buffalo wings.

Oh, man that piece of crap Hooters, just like every other restaurant there. And nerds love that place, except they really don't, cause they're nerds.

That’s because WonderCon, a little sister to Comic Con, is bringing all its costumed glory to Downtown on Friday-Sunday, March 25-27. Though the anime section, blood drive, children’s film festival and cosplay masquerade promise to draw devotees,

Oh, man! The blood drive! The blood drive. I know at this point the person writing this was just copying and pasting events listed on the side of the site.

it’s the line-up of artists, illustrators and writers that will bring in a horde of ravenous fans. Graphic novel cartoonist Kyle Baker, MAD magazine penman Sergio Aragones, Guardians of the Galaxy writer Brian Michael Bendis and “My Little Pony” artist Agnes Garbowska are but a few of the featured guests.

Now this part of names was just the first three that pop up here on the Special Guests page, who are not the special. FU Bendis. 

-In some other bad write-ups The Beat wrote a post boasting about predicting copyright protection at WonderCon, but nothing they've written about seems to affect artists in artists alley who might pay homage to different works.

Tolja! WonderCon cracking down on copyright violators

I think it might be a hindrance on artists and might confuse them that lawyers will just appear and sue them for drawing Superman. Its more like lawyers will appear and take notes of whose selling bootleg t-shirts and DVDs.

-Here's some artists we like attending
Pizza Day Comics
Small Press table 010 by the giant pillar

Night Cake Press
Booth 739

I can't wait to snag up Christopher Lee's  new A World of Fears - Sticker Pack