Thursday, March 10, 2016

Film Hype: 13 Cameras, They're Watching, Big Ol' Alien Egg

-It looks the indie unsettling darling, "Slumlord," has been renamed, "13 Cameras." Why the change, because it's coming out on VOD. Now this puts a smile on my face, because I missed the film when it played at our own Screamfest with the slum name last October.

The film features a newlywed couple with a baby on the way and their creepy landlord spying on them. The film has strange shots from the perspective of the perverted landlord spying on them with all his hidden cameras. What happens when the couple finds out they're being watched? We'll you'll find out when the film comes out April 15 on VOD.

In general, just sad about the name change and the poster choices. The black and white head of the slumlord drew me in enough to want to check it out.

- They're Watching is coming out on VOD March 25. The trailer for this found footage horror film about idiot home improvemnet TV crew got to me for one reason. The writers claim to fame is they wrote for Spongebob. Spongebob and Call of Duty. In Moldovia all is not right with a new property.
-The life size Alien egg looks gorgeous and yes, I want it, but at $600 it's a tough sale. It even comes with a facehugger! No real drop date, yet. How many videos will you watch of people's cats coming out of it?
Aliens – Life Size Xenomorph Egg Replica with LED Lights 

-Coming this March you can finally re-enact a more realistic version of the Fifth Element with the

Leeloo Dallas Multipass Prop Replica. You have to love the packaging.

Want your mind blown? Zerg never even meets Dallas or Leeloo in the film. Boom!

-An interview with one of my favorite directors, Nacho Vigalondo on playing a bad guy in the upcoming film Camino.