Friday, March 4, 2016

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster, But It's A Real Roller Coaster

On top of me strapping you into this, let me just put this over your head. Dang, just thinking about this I want to know the design sense that went into designing a vr helmet that wouldn't fling off while on the roller coaster. I hope the commercial is just a mock up with Samsung VRs, because those things will just fling off people's heads without something stronger holding them to your noggin.

What am I talking about? The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster coming to our own Six Flags Magic Mountain this month. March 26, you can try it out, but only if you're a pass holder. Regular guests get to get on at a later date. And for what exactly?

You'll be in the midst of an Alien Invasion, you're the co-pilot hero. In your fighter jet you'll be taking on drones all the way until you get to the mothership. All the while you'll be dodging and shooting down alien scum throughout a city.

The sounds and visuals will be combined for an experience, well, that's completely new.

We're amazed the new Independence Day didn't jump on this bandwagon with their own version of the ride.

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