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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Divorced Dad Looks Like I Did It

Divorced Dad looks shockingly like my sense of humor and how I would create an Adult Swim show. The new series comes from the people that gave us the homage to Italian 70's horror "The Editor." Looking forward to it this March?

Divorced Dad, a post-marriage professional, hosts a well meaning but disastrously inept self-help talk show intended to help guide newly single fathers through the difficulties and fun of single life.

Airing on the first and third weekend of every month, every episode of Divorced Dad derails into chaos at the hands of his inexperienced crew, an inarticulate co-host and a malevolent, faceless producer. As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that Divorced Dad’s life and show have become one homologous, inescapable Lynchian nightmare. Though he might just possibly be trapped in his own personal hell, Divorced Dad is going to make the most of it, bringing you the best damn show he can within the limits of his visitation rights, here on Astron-TV.