Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Montalban Gets Busy: Oh, Hello and Rooftop Film Club

Oh, Hello
March 30-April 3

Nick Kroll and John Mullaney play two old men, Gil Faizon and George St Geegland from the Upper West Side in some bizarre sketch comedy sketches on stage.

From their about page:
Fresh off the success of their hit prank show “Too Much Tuna,” these two Alan Alda-obsessed Upper West Side bachelors are touring this great country. Having wowed audiences with past theatrical works like “True Upper West” and the “Annie Get Your Gun” inspired “Bernie Goetz You Gun: A Non Musical Drama,” Faizon and St. Geegland are back for a total victory lap and to premiere their new play “We’re Us, You’re You, Let’s Talk.” Tickets are a lot of money. Join us, won’t you? And say Oh Hello... all over again.

George and Gil have parted ways with a number of numbskull directors but are open to a real doormat if anyone wants to get walked all over. “We're very important artists and this show’s relevance to the American theater can’t be overstated,” said Faizon and St. Geegland. “We are, however, interested in getting a cool sponsor like Dr. Brown's Celray Soda”.

Then starting in April we have the return of the Rooftop Film Club

Rooftop Film Club
All films start at 8pm
$17, plus a $2 booking fee

Here's the film and dates

Wednesday, April 6: Star Wars:The Force Awakens
Thursday, April 7: Straight Outta Compton
Friday, April 8: Carol
Saturday, April 9: Tangerine
Tuesday, April 12: Casablanca
Wednesday, April 13: The Big Short
Thursday, April 14: Blade Runner
Friday, April 15: The Big Lebowski
Saturday, April 16: Pulp Fiction
Tuesday, April 19th: Dirty Dancing
Thursday, April 21: Back to the Future
Friday, April 22: Top Gun
Saturday, April 23: Mad Max: Fury Road
Tuesday, April 26: Clueless
Wednesday, April 27: Cinema Paradiso
Thursday, April 28: Amy
Friday, April 29: Goonies
Saturday, April 30: Sunset Boulevard