Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mortal Kombat XL Review Finally, Alien Can Fight Leatherface

Asking the age old question, "When will I see Leatherface fight Alien?," finally gets answered in Mortal Kombat XL. Either by a DLC buy for $20/$25 or getting the full game at $60 you'll unlock many new friends to maim and kill. Who you ask? Alien from the Alien series, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and series regulars like the fat drunken master Bo' Rai Cho and the three cyborgs in one Triborg. Let an all new kind of slaughter be freed.

I don't know what free time the developers are allowed to have or if they're allowed to leave their work space, but I'm suggesting they don't ever again as the fun experienced through fatality watching and bodily harm were at an all time high for me. One of Triborg's fatalities, I would have to act French to convey the delight it brought about, is so inappropriate I had to just question what had happened. Like being in a car accident or falling in love for the first time it knocked the wind out of me and turned my victim opponent into a meat cube with a face. Meat cube with a face plushies, an idea that may or may not become real because of the DLC of this game.

If you love human meat then Leatherface will more than help you out. And with a Chainsaw he seems completely in place within the game. For horror fans the game already gave you Jason Vorhees, now you have Leatherface. What kind of dark Christmas did we get?

Playing as Leatherface can be slow, but when he twirls a chainsaw or throws it at someone, just how could you deny that this game isn't just trying to be fun as possible. It is shameless in doing so. Because of his addition I really hope for some Ash Williams and Freddy Krueger DLC down the road in hopefully XXL.

Let's just get to the Alien. I love the Alien. It's vicious and loves to strike people. It eats faces. You can even summon facehuggers to attach to people.

You want me to write it, I'll write it. We finally have a good game of Alien Vs Predaor again. Forget Sega's sad attempts. You can know kill Predator as Alien or vice versa. With that it'll be a treat to learn all the horrific monsters moves and good use for his tail.

My boy, Bo' Rai Cho is back to have some drunken master action added to the game. You need at least one flowing fighter on the sauce for it to be a real fighting game. The guy has a fart attack, how could you not love him. He farts on people. It doesn't get old.

Triborg brings the pain, this robot has three of the fighters from the past games in one. I was wondering where all my cyborg ninjas were at after some of the past games loved them so much. Now you can switch each cyborg in the select screen for a different way to play and cripple your foes.It would be lying to say they don't seem to be modeled after an evil Iron Man.

So each of these new fighters brings it, but on top of the new hitters we have a new arena, The Pit, and costumes, costumes, costumes. Depending on which version of DLC you get or if you get the full XL game you'll be getting costumes for random characters. From Communist Cold War attire, to Brazil winning at Fifa or just Medieval Times garb you have a wide range of clothes to bloody.

We love the additions to Mortal Kombat X now adding an L to to it. And if you have the game get them or if you didn't get the game, you now have more reason to with more content since launch.

Mortal Kombat XL and Pack 2 code provided by publisher for review