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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Musicals We're Not Looking Forward To: Lost The Musical and Bronies! The Musical

Kickstarter can be used for much good or evil or a third option of mild irritation. Lost The Musical and Bronies! The Musical both sound like horrible ideas that sound good for comedy skits. As full plays I can't even imagine how boring or nauseating they might be.

Lost The Musical - We Have To Go Back! starts Sept 18-Oct 26 at the Elephant Stages - Lillian Theatre, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.


"We Have to Go Back: A Lost Parody Musical is a musical parody our favorite cult hit TV show. Much in the vein of other parodies such as Fellowship, A Very Potter Musical, and Point Break Live, this play puts a humorous twist on a show that riveted us, shocked us and entertained us throughout the years. Six seasons (121 hours) of episodes are boiled down into 72 characters, played by 16 actors, across two and a half hours in one night of hilarious and wacky absurdity."

This TV show based musical comes from funds raised on Kickstarter as does Bronies!

Bronies! The Musical already premiered as part of the LA Fringe Festival. The pony loving group is looking to raise funds to get their horsey fandom to a broader audience. They've already reached their goal and in the final stretch of the race.