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Friday, September 26, 2014

Halloween Update: When A Scary Farm Dies

The Halloween Harvest Festival and FrightFair Scream Park at Pierce, starting this Friday, will be the last in Woodland Hills. Pierce has ended it's contract with Farm Center, which is privately owned. For horror fans, that means it's your last chance for getting lost in corn mazes and being spooked  by them in SoCal. Though not one of TTDILA's favorite haunts, the scream park had some impressive scares in its run.

On a deeper scale, it's the questions of how poorly run Pierce is. Pierce doesn't own or operate the farm, that's news to TTDILA and many others. Many speculate it's a land grab to sell off the area for more dorm space. Pierce may have learned from a prior deal gone awry that as an affiliate of colleges in SoCal it doesn't get all the money for itself it has to share it among the colleges. 

Either way we speculate the land being used poorly, not for the college community, not for better classrooms, just a quick way for Pierce to make money. How many Starbucks do you think they can fit there?