Monday, September 22, 2014

Slide the City Not Happening

The water slide that at least gained 10,000 signatures against it was denied a permit to operate in LA this weekend. Slid the City will not be happening in LA anytime soon and it's a bit odd it started to sell tickets without the permit ready for its operation.

This has been a long going issue that create much controversy with the current drought in California and all the ways Slide the City would make the operation wasteful-free, including trucking in their own water.

Here's the statement Slide the City left on their LA event page:

"After tirelessly working with the City over the past 2+ months we received word that our permit is being denied. We have been working even harder over the past few days to resolve any issues the City may have but it appears there is no resolution. Whether this is a direct result of the drought or something else, we want to assure all of our participants and vendors that we have gone through every appropriate permitting step required. We have even jumped through many additional "hoops" the City has created in the hope that they would see that we were flexible and willing to work with them. Unfortunately they have still denied our permit. Please feel free to contact us for a specific recounting of our permitting process. We would be happy to provide it.
Mainly, we want to apologize to all of our participants in this SOLD OUT event. We take full responsibility for our permit denial. We would love for participants to stick with us as we continue to work through issues with the city in order to hold the event in the near future. Your place in the event is secure and we want you to be the first in LA to slide with us. However, if any participant would like a refund we are more than happy to refund them. For permit information or refund requests please contact us at [email protected]."