Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LAPD Too Stupid To Send Out Warnings In Timely and Accurate Area

The LAPD and other agencies continue to abuse the emergency alert system that is alienating people from seeing it being used for good or in anyway helpful.

The biggest problems are: no set guidelines of what's worthy of being put on the emergency alert, the area it goes too and the timeliness of when an actual incident occurs. The most recent case would be the fire at the Pedro pier, that while writing this is still being fought, the alert for it went out hours after the fire began, around midnight, and reached people many miles away that will be completely unaffected by its location to them. This wasn't even sent by the fire department, but the LAPD, as they say, "a courtesy".

This is one of many alerts getting on LA's annoyance list as missing children not in the area your in  have been alerted on the phone and other alerts that are too far from you to matter.

In a better world, there would be simple alerts that don't have to make a screeching sound that warn of dangers from car chases to robberies in your vicinity that just pop up your screen, if they're in your immediate area or daily route.