Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eyegore Awards 2014 Highlights

This year's Eyegore Awards comes with not as much blood as you might think. A crowd of hungry maze goers yes, but were there any dunking of blood like Nick's Kid Choice Awards with slime? No.

Host McKenzie Westmore, the lady with two last names, from SyFy's Face/Off introduced who'd be getting awarded and the mazes of Horrorfest. Dracula: Untold was named to no applause what so ever. This audience understood horror. Unlike previous award shows they were common horror folk that paid extra to attend the ceremony and the first night at Universal's Horror holiday.

Rick Baker, make-up artist extraordinaire, gave an Eyegore to John Landis for his liefetime of horror, including "An American Werewolf in London" and the Thriller music video. He said of John, "He really scares me."

Chris Hardwick(Nerdist, The Talking Dead) and Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) got close, so much that Chris asked Kirkman to get his hands off his back, which caused Kirman to come ever closer to Chris' face. "I suck," Kirkman said in comparison praise of Greg Nicotero who received the second Eyegore of the evening. Greg's work can be found in hundreds of movies, not just horror. He is the Make-Up Supervisor on The Walking Dead.

Danny Trejo who stumbled through his speech made out a coherent sentence of, "Not many directors can claim to be a guinea pig!, " when he presented Robert Rodriguez with his Eyegore. Robert told of his beloved mother and the way she would have screaming fits with having ten kids. He then screeched like her into the mic.

Slash then gave us a new song an accepted his Eyegore ending the evening letting the crowd shuffle off into the park like zombies.

Drop buckets of blood on these winners next year Universal or forget the show.