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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cat Catfe Came Back, Thought It Was A Goner

In a second attempt to get funds raised by Kickstarter, Carlos Wong's Catfe is having a Pop-Up Cat Cafe in Chinatown Oct. 2 through Oct. 5. This comes after trying to launch an unsuccessful Cat cafe in Little Tokyo.Though cat cafes are common place in Japan, there are none in LA.

There are many jokes to make of having a cat cafe in Chinatown, so many. Like, do they come with fries and what flavors. Secondly, are they afraid some might be eaten. This is a serous question as cats are eaten in China, go read it online.

We at TTDILA are doubtful if Mr. Wong has the experience to run a cat cafe as he hasn't listed any experience in running a restaurant or petting zoo in the Kickstarter.

What might be more looked into is why Mr. Wong couldn't get a business loan for his Catfe. TTDILA assumes his lack of experience or something else might be causing him to not make his feline dream come true.